Capricorn Daily Predictions

EMOTIONS: Listen to your inner voice today. This will help you in taking the right decisions.
HEALTH: Indigestion and pains may cause inconvenience. Eat reasonably as overeating is likely to cause a number of problems including stomach ailments today. Changing diet may help you a lot. Try your hand at some sport or some other outdoor activity.
PROFESSION: Today will be highly active and dynamic period at work. Heavy work along with responsibilities will test your patience and abilities. But ultimately, you will be able to prove your mettle and emerge a winner. Business will give good profits after a long gap.
LUCK: Your competitive disposition and perseverance will bring you luck. All you need to do is keep putting in your best.
PERSONAL LIFE: You will actively participate in some auspicious activities. Elder family members will visit you Family and friends get together will keep you busy. You may plan a surprise party to show your love and affection for your partner.
TRAVEL: Some of you may get an offer to travel abroad on work. You can start your planning now.