Capricorn Daily Predictions

EMOTIONS: Emotional well-being and contentment characterize this day. A very strong need to be loved and to love surfaces.
HEALTH: You will enjoy good health. You’ll remain active. You immunity will be better. Efforts to change lifestyle bring successful results.
PROFESSION: You will get favorable and fruitful results today. It is quite possible that you may get additional source of income through a friend or partner. In case you are vying for a promotion, there is a scope of success if you try for it today.
LUCK: There shall be a change of fortune in your favor from now onwards. Luck shall open up in more than one ways.
PERSONAL LIFE: If you have been planning to propose to someone, go ahead, the time is just right! Married couples will experience romantic pleasures today. This is a time for setting yourself loose and getting wild with friends.
TRAVEL: Today is just right to make your spouse feel special by taking him/her out for romantic dinners and weekend getaways.