Pisces Daily Predictions

EMOTIONS: Today, you will be so sensitive or grumpy due to which people will hesitate to interact with you.
HEALTH: You may suffer from food related problems so be careful. You have to take special precaution against drinking water and other fluids. Chances of water borne diseases are high. Poor health would demand some serious lifestyle changes.
PROFESSION: Don’t get into petty arguments at your work place. Do not start any new work today. You need to exercise caution in any type of transaction related to the business. This is not the right time to invest in the stock market.
LUCK: Time is not very favorable. However, if you persist with hard work, this bad luck spell of yours' will vanish.
PERSONAL LIFE: Domestic affairs will be a source of concern. Avoid arguing with your beloved as it may disturb your happy marriage life. There may be some disputes in the family. Friends and relatives will help you out. You may be inclined towards spirituality.
TRAVEL: Short tours may disturb your work. You will not get the expected results from the trips.