Scorpio Daily Predictions

EMOTIONS: You shall feel optimistic, hopeful and futuristic today. Your ability to comprehend new concepts will be heightened.
HEALTH: You will feel healthy and filled with energy. But it makes sense to follow a strict diet pattern and take proper rest. add yoga and light exercises in your fitness regime.
PROFESSION: This is an excellent time on professional front. Today you can take any decision and can start any new project independently. There are strong chances of financial gains from unexpected sources. Appreciation and recognition will also bring along new opportunities.
LUCK: Today will be a day of fortune for you. You are free to take any decisions and start new projects.
PERSONAL LIFE: An opportunity for a romance may arise which is likely to be thrilling, though short-lived. Reaching out to an older relative or a mature, experienced person can prove to be mutually beneficial. You shall be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.
TRAVEL: You will feel like socializing and being friendly. You may take up a sudden journey today.